Printing Your Cards

To ensure the proper printing of your tags, please be sure to follow these guidelines:

Tips for Printing on a PC:
While printing from a Businesscardland template, choose the "Print Maximum Area" in the print dialog box that appears after you have designed your tag and have hit "Print" in the Page Layout View. This will help ensure the page is positioned correctly, and will allow for all the cutting guides to print.  The option to "Print Maximum Area" is usually found in the "Paper" settings in the "Preferences" area in the print dialog box.  The print dialog box will appear after you select "Print" from the Page Layout view in the Businesscardland online template.

The tags should align correctly, if you have followed the above step.  However, if your printer driver does not allow you the option to "Print Maximum Area", or if your tags are not printing out with the correct alignment, you can use the Printer Calibration Tool to compensate for the offset. When you are in the Page Layout View (after selecting the "Print" tab and pressing "Preview"), you will see an option to Calibrate Printer.  Follow the directions... hopefully, this should get it all lined up for you! 

Tips for Printing on a Mac:

While printing from a Businesscardland template, if you have the option to "Print Maximum Area" in the print dialog box that appears after you have designed your tag and have hit "Print", you should choose it.  However, not all printer drivers for Mac OS X have this option (OS 9 drivers do).  So, if you are finding you are not seeing all of the page or are missing some of the cut guides, a possible work-around is to create a custom Paper Size from the Page Setup box, which first appears after you hit print. Steps to creating a custom Paper Size in OS X are as follows:

1. After you hit the "Print" button, the first dialog box's first line will be called "Settings".  Choose "Custom Paper Size" from the pull-down menu.

2. In the "Custom Paper Size" window click "New".  Name your new size, and set the page margins to .25" on all sides.  Leave the page size as 8.5" x 11.  Save the setting when prompted.  Make sure this paper size is selected from the initial page setup when you print using Businesscardland templates.

Also, we recommend all Mac users follow the "Printer Calibration" process (located in the Page Layout View, once you have chosen your Printing Options in the Print Tab) if you are using pre-made business card paper for your tags to ensure proper alignment.

General Tips: 

Printing on glossy paper, when using an inkjet, will give you the best results and will help to keep the smaller type crisp and your colors bright.